Interdisciplinarity and the World Studies Extended Essay
Category III Workshop

Welcome to the Category III set for March1-3 at Discovery College, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. The rationale for this workshop is based on the fact that World studies (WSEE) is a new and complex extended essay option with no corresponding IB syllabus. Schools preparing students for this option will need an understanding of key new areas such as interdisciplinary research and the development of global consciousness.

At the workshops, participants will be given a WSEE Workbook with various documents and worksheets included.There are five broad components to this workshop and the session will address all of them.
  1. Interdisciplinary Research
  2. Global Consciousness
  3. Supervising the WSEE
  4. Assessment
  5. Links between the WSEE and IB Philosophy

Hong Kong 1-3 March 2012 Resources

  • Workshop agenda: An electronic version of the agenda has been sent to participants. Note that there are three broad parts to the workshop focused on Global Consciousness and the WSEE.
  • The WSEE Workbook. The paper copy of this resource book will be given to participants at Discovery College. Please note that this is a large file of over 5 MB that you may want to download to your computer if you want to access this electronic version later on.
  • Teacher Support Materials (TSM): This is as close as you get to a syllabus for World Studies. It exists only in HTML on the OCC under the WSEE tab.


  • Gardner, Howard. 5 Minds for the Future. Cambridge, Harvard Business School Press, 2006. Print & Web (review).
  • Mansilla, Veronica Boix Mansilla and Andrew Jackson. Educating for Global Citizenship:Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World. Asia Society & CCSSO. 2011. Web. (this is a free PDF document aimed at promoting global consciousness in US schools).
  • Peterson, Alec. Schools Across Frontiers: The Story of the International Bacalureate and the United World Colleges, 2nd Edition.Illinois: Open Court, 2003. Print.(see Google Books)
  • Roberts, Boyd. Educating for Global Citizenship: A Practical Guide for Students.Cardiff: International Baccalaureate, 2009. Print.
  • Suárez-Orozco, Marcelo M. Learning in the Global Era. International Perspectives on Globalization and Education. Berkley: University of California Press, 2007. Print & Web (for sample chapter by Howard Gardner and Veronica Boix Mansilla entitled "From Teaching Globalization to Nurturing Global Consciousness").
  • Walker, George. Educating the Global Citizen. 200. John Catt Educational. Print. (also see speech on topic).


  • Atlantic College Student on the WSEE Here Catherine Arnold explains her process of selecting the World Studies Extended Essay.
  • Helen James on the WSEE. See the OCC "WSEE" page for the screen cast for a clear overview of the program.
  • Veronica Boix Mansilla at Washington International School (we will watch this during the workshop)


  • Global Engage A new site from the IBO “which supports members of the IB community, and particularly teachers, in engaging with our global world. Here you will find information, resources, ideas and opinions, links, and suggestions for action concerned with global issues - and reports of actions taken by the IB community.” The teacher's page has several key links that you will find usefull.
  • IB Answers A portal to seek help with specific aspects of the IB program. There are pages dedicated to WSEE here.
  • Project Zero at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. A key organization that was behind the conceptual basis of the WSEE and ideas of nurturing "global consciousness."


  • Concept-based Teaching & Learning. Cardiff. IBO, 2011. Web (OCC).
  • Davy, Irene. Learners without borders: A curriculum for global citizenship. Cardiff. IBO, 2011. Web (OCC).
  • Walker, George. East is East and West is West. Cardiff. IBO, 2010. Web (OCC).

IB Resources with which you need some familiarity and quick access


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  • Buckminster Fuller Institute. Web. 24 February 2013.
  • Robinson, Ken "Bring on the Learning Revolution." Ted Talks. October 2006. Web. 23 February 2013.
  • Robinson, Ken. "Changing Education Paradigms." Ted Talks. October 2010. Web. 23 February 2013.
  • IB Subjects Guide Courtesy of Tualatin High School (Oregon USA)
  • World Sudies Extended Essay. IBO. Web. 25 February 2013.

MUWCI Collage.jpg
MUWCI students participating in local initiatives with global relevance: afforestation with native species, biodiversity checks in Sacred Groves, and water quality monitoring