• Indian_(south)_Peninsula_Fires_(NASA)_(2003_07).jpg
MODIS imagery from NASA showing a clear view of the southern Western Ghats as well as fires across the Indian peninsula in January 31st 2003 (Link).

The purpose of this page of information is to bild up a series of links and resources for use as case studies in the DP SL/HL Geography course. This is an ongoing endeavor as I work to find more links and resources online. The links are organized around broad thmemes found in both Geography and Environmental Systems and Socities.


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  • A Crude Awakening- the Oil Crash. Film from 2006 looking at the world's addiciton to oil. Official website and Youtube.
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  • Migration Globalization & Poverty. A useful portal of case studies from the Development Research Center at Susses University.
  • Migration Information Source. Another useful portal for news articles and case studies about Migration.
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  • PeopleMoveIn: An interactive site showing the movement of people across the planet.
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  • Maldives: For the last 40 years the Maldives has targeted tourism as a key industry to promote economic growth. It offers a fascinating case study for students looking to understand the idea that tourism can uplift countires out of poverty.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka has and is using the tourism sector of its economy as a development strategy. Several government documents track trends in tourism numbers and the official approach of the government to this important service sector that has been enabled by the globalized world. The neighboring islands of the Maldives are also an excellent example of governments targeting tourism to raise revenue and encourage development.
  • World etc.

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  • Mekong River: Case Study in Water Managment. Mekong Citizen. (see movies attached to site).